Plastic Injection Molds

  • Innovative mold design and manufacturing
  • Globally priced tooling and support
  • North American engineering and project management
  • Low cost tooling Joint Venture partners ISO Certified - GM Approved
  • Mold flow Services provided
  • North American and International tryout services
  • We ship North American plastic material for International tryouts
  • Quality systems ensure that all of your standards are in place
  • We import German or Japanese steel for show surfaces
  • Permanent MMI employees in China
  • Worldwide support for engineering changes and all tryouts

Fixture Production

  • Low cost fixture development
  • End of arm tooling
  • Automation for secondary operations
  • Worldwide and North American certification

International Low Cost Tooling Pricing

  • Specialists in innovative high quality tooling for automotive and non-automotive projects

Project Management System

  • North American program management
  • PDP system utilization
  • Microsoft project timeline tracking
  • North American representation at tryouts
  • Tryout reports and video supplied
  • Open issue documentation

Quality Assurance

  • Our main objective is to deliver accurate, on time, certified molds and fixtues that meet or exceed all of your production and costing needs.