PAPP Plastics & Distributing Ltd. is a Canadian-based plastics parts manufacturer headquartered in Windsor, Ontario. Established in 1991, PAPP Plastics in a tier one and tier two supplier for the world's major automobile companies.

MMI has a strategic alliance with PAPP Plastics which manufactures an assortment of plastic parts / assemblies for both automotive interiors and exteriors; this includes large painted "Class A" surface parts. Primary manufacturing capabilities include injection and compression molding, as well as secondary assembly operations. Its press tonnage ranges from 300T to 3000T for injection and up to 4000 tons for compression molding. PAPP also has multi-material 2-shot and 3-shot molding presses from 500T to 1800T.

Our Alliance with PAPP Plastics is used to assist with North American tryouts and developments before the tools are released to the end user. If you need additional production capacity, PAPP Plastics is also available to assist in your production needs.

PAPP Plastic's international presence is defined by innovation in Canadian manufacturing.